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About Facebook Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, you have to start with Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. The customer base that you can find there is tremendous and valuable. That’s why at orktail, we put together a special team that deals with Facebook marketing services in India.

Facebook gives your business an opportunity to connect with your target audience and give that exact information you wish to acquire. However, singling out your potential clients and making them notice So At Orktail, we pride ourselves on comprehending Facebook inside and out.

Basically, Facebook marketing refers to designing and developing a Facebook page as a digital communications platform to create, maintain, and retain contact with customers or targeted audience. Facebook has different features for a different purpose to create individual profiles, business pages for companies, industry, organizations, and other groups that have or attempt to develop a product, services, or brand with the help of a Facebook marketing company in India.

Facebook is continuously developing an authentic way for people to connect with each other as well as with the businesses, brands, and institutions with the help of orktail social media marketing agency.

Facebook enables marketers, brands, businesses to stay connected with people throughout their computers or mobile devices, etc. This allows businesses to create rich social experiences, large coverage areas, build lasting relationships, and positive amplification for the most powerful type of marketing – word of mouth with a Facebook marketing agency in India. 

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Nowadays Facebook is playing a useful role in creating Brand Awareness and consideration we as a best Facebook marketing agency in India can promote all your products & Services on Facebook and for that If you need the best Facebook marketing Services Company in India.

  • Facebook Marketing is useful for affiliate business all time and done effectively.
  • Quickly create bookmarks to your site through use of readily avalible social media tools
  • Effortlessly create site accounts and logins with Facebook Open Graph
  • Leverage influential capabilities of social media by integrating Facebook on eCommerce websites.
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Our Approach

Facebook Marketing Consist of an Ecosystem that Consists of Four Elements :


The first step is building your presence with a Facebook Page. Pages allow you to create an identity for your business in the social graph - the map of the connections among people and the things they care about. If you have physical store locations, link your Page with a Place We as a Facebook marketing agency in India can use Graph API and Social Plugins, the Apps on Facebook to create social experiences involving your products and online properties that are engaging and personalized.


Creating these Facebook touchpoints allows you to start building your fan base and engaging with your customers. Facebook Like Ads is the quickest way to acquire fans. Publishing and engaging in conversations with your fans will allow you to deepen relationships and gain valuable insights. Together, these tools give you the effectiveness of earned media, at the scale and predictability of paid media. Every campaign you run has a lasting impact via the relationships you build along the way.


Every time someone interacts with your business, that action gets published into the News Feed, creating word of mouth. These organic stories are extremely effective at getting others to engage and take action and can be shared with a much larger number of potential and current customers by using Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories. Facebook Ads include the names of friends who have already connected to your business. Sponsored Stories enable you to increase the distribution of News Feed stories about your business.


Many businesses that have a pre-frame mind, we post their content accordingly with customer behavior and interest and reach a wide stage to improve your organic reach with strategic paid efforts and by running campaigns and targeting the right audience. When we as a Facebook marketing agency in India create post strategy, we remember to record each and every action taken by the visitor and try to mix content that combines promotional posts with posts that add value, educate, and entertain.

Enhance Brand Reach

According to the data of Google play store Facebook application is downloaded more than 5 billion times so it is very obvious that social media have greater reach as compare to traditional marketing. It also provides ease to record interesting audience detail in terms of income, demographics, age group, and many more factors and maintain sales records for your business. 

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Drive Sales

Social media marketing agency in India is best to drive sale from Facebook?

And boost your conversion rate high with performing multiple activities: 

  1. Use multi-product carousel
  2. Use a video advertisement
  3. Use fakebook “offers”
  4. “Amplify” An Existing popular post
  5. Target your website visitors
  6. Target your Email subscribers
  7. Put your product on the right hand’s Example: If anyone interested for buying product for old age people so the advertisement also consists of an old age person for a better impact and is also depends on their preferences.
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Generate Leads

Social media marketing agency in India best to generate more leads from Facebook?

Interested in using Facebook ads to promote a lead magnet?

Facebook ads are a great way to build a targeted audience of people who are interested in what you offer because the reach and targeting options are exceptional. 

  1. Post the blog posts that generate the most leads.
  2. Include links to landing pages in your image captions. 
  3. Use videos to promote lead-based offers.
  4. Use Facebook Live videos to remind people to register.
  5. Add a call-to-action button to your Facebook Page.
  6. Ask for input on your products.
  7. Run a contest or giveaway.
  8. Run targeted ads to extend your content’s reach with the audience.
  9. Run lead ads to simplify the mobile signup process and data-driven results.
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Boost Engagement

So creating engagement is central to success by opting for Facebook marketing services in India. A fast and effective way to increase engagement is to run a contest with the help of a social media marketing agency in India includes:

  1. Post when your fans are online
  2. Make fans not followers
  3. Post relevant content with limited but attractive content 
  4. Ask opinions, tell to share idea to comments for and against.
  5. Boost your top post to get engagement.
  6. Create attractive and relevant videos related to your nice which give good stuff of content.
  7. Reply comments fast.
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Get App Installed

The main objective through Facebook is of the campaign is to drive app installs. Furthermore, advanced options let you decide the specific action you want to optimize your ads for. Orktail as best social media marketing agency in India can easily cover the different advertising stages just by choosing one of these available bid types:

Awareness:  Awareness plays a vital role in optimizing so with the help of Best social media marketing agency in India choose to have your campaign optimized for video views or by selecting Video Views as your optimization method. Optionally you can choose link click optimization, in case you have no videos to be promoted. Orktail recommends such objectives when advertisers want to increase the App awareness and at the same time leverage, the app ad features of utilizing the App ads CTA and App exclusion targeting.

Consideration: Orktail can simply optimize your campaigns for App install if an objective is clearly just App install. This is the recommended approach as you allow Facebook to find the best people for your app based on the criteria you set, such as budget, targeting, or bid.

Conversion: When we are willing to not only acquire customers to install the app but to take specific actions inside your app, we recommend using App event optimization.

When it comes to Awareness and Consideration objectives, these seem to be simple and easy to optimize and measure. We can, however, talk in more detail about App Event Optimization (AEO) and the best optimization practices when it comes to your goals. To use App Event Optimization, the first thing is to make sure you’ve installed the Facebook SDK and Setup app events on your app. Adding SDK events helps you to view Facebook analytics, measure ad performance, and build audiences for ad targeting. 

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Generate Traffic

Offer exclusive deals

Orktail Use phrases like “Follow us on the Facebook page for our best deals” as it will show our interaction with users and with this statement can acquire the attention of a user to observe and see what is this deal all about.

Promote exclusive deals on your Facebook page

As it never an endpoint where we can show exclusive offer but it’s all about that we need to promote your business whether paid or organic and build awareness and reach to our potential customers or targeted audience or targeted population. Facebook marketing services in India will tell you about your deal via social media because it has greater reach. 

Engage with users

We help you build strong and establishing communication between your targeted audience and your business to solve related queries, questions and share new ideas, etc. We have to stay active in this because this can make your customer attached to your brand or business by reaching to the target audience and right place.

Post relevant content

Relevancy is the most important factor that you can consider for promoting your brand or business. Promoted ads have relevant content in a very attractive manner by which a user can give their attention to your business more and take services finally from you. It also includes digital posters and small video clips that are suitable for the current conditions and position from your prospective with the help of Facebook marketing services in India.

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Facebook Advertising is now one of the most effective tools or you can say a way to reach out there to grow your business, create loyal customers, and generate leads and sales. There are now over a million startup businesses in India every day and advertise on Facebook and there’s never been a better time to start than now. Here are just a few reasons why Facebook Advertising agency in India is hugely exciting for marketers:

Audience size

Facebook now boasts over billion of daily active users on – 1.03 billion of which access the social network via mobile devices and we can reach high engaging audience.


People spend a lot of time on social networks. The average user spends about 30 minutes just on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger every day so social media is a life today.

Organic reach decline

Organic reach on Facebook has been in decline for a few years and now did not show any results. So, If you want to break through now, Facebook is all but a pay-to-play network.


The most targeting options within Facebook Ads are incredible where Businesses can target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, etc. So hurry up to opt. facebook marketing service form India?

We create Different type of Facebook ads that are follows- by which we can select the type of ads that suits your organization and business:
A reputed and experienced Facebook marketing services in India can help you showcase your business page effectively on FB. Facebook Advertising is the essence of your business success. Taking up a Facebook advertising company in India we suggest a business strategy that means exposure to a whole new audience of potential customers.


Why you Need Proper Management of Your Page?

So we have created a Facebook page of your business Now what? The next step is how to manage the page and keep on managing it. Forever to drive long-lasting results. Here, come Facebook marketing agency in India. Yes, once we start creating a Facebook page, even we work on any social media page and make sure to maintain it accordingly. So, It’s more like what you committed it to do at the earliest.

Looking after a Facebook business page can eat up your time if you’re not careful with(sharing knowledgeable content, audience interest, amazing facts, and reality but with time and a build-up of knowledge, it’s manageable (maybe even enjoyable!). So, we as best Facebook marketing service providers in India  Analyze the Admin Panel, creating compelling content for posts, and engaging with users on a daily basis and post at the right time that will assure we have a successful Facebook page in the long run and data-driven results.

  1. Optimization for search engines basically For improving traffic via search engines through organic mode.
  2. Design a strategy as it helps your business to select a suitable type of advisement campaign that can give a high chance of a conversion and click through rates.
  3. Updating your page with current trends orktail Updating with the latest trend is the major factor for any business to develop more in this newly trends so for that audience or population wants something new and advance that can build their personality, social image, and status of living with the social media marketing agency in India.
  4. Tag other pages Via tagging other pages of your business can provide a boost to your other business. So we diversify and expand your business accordingly to a new targeted audience that will help you gain more and more rapid growth in the competitive market that helps you to take services from the best Facebook marketing company in India.
  5. Target by region Your product can be affected by temperature or natural climate of the specific area so, we as orkatil best Facebook marketing agency in India have to manage your page that consists right content to a targeted audience to the specific region or even with the right time targeted audience to know about product and services that you avail.
  6. Be Engaging with Meaningful Content Facebook marketing is really plays a vital role in proper Facebook page management in general: craft meaningful content that your audience will appreciate and engage and make your post like and dislike accordingly it can be done by proper strategies to make New stories related to this niche, Memes (easily shareable images that relate culturally to your topic), Your blog posts, Questions, quotes, or anecdotes that relate to your niche with the help of Facebook marketing company in India.
  7. We Compelling Imagery At any point, in today’s era of marketing there are thoughts of stories, posts, and status feed that required by potential customers to know more about your business or brand. So,
  8. How do you stand out in all this clutter? One tip that works especially well for pages we’ve managed is to use compelling, eye-catching imagery as much as possible only by taking services with a Facebook marketing agency in India. Whereas all you need to grab the engagement, reach, views, likes for your post is that especially bright picture. Rather than sharing a plain-text post in your niche, consider including a photo to make your own meme! As, we know our own content that created in a social network will gain more engagement to your business, For example, suppose you traveling and taking pictures and post them by writing good stuff of content or whatever or  If your page has something to do with food, share pictures along with the recipes you post about. 
  9. So always keep in mind to get engaged with right type of audience at right time boost your sales and drive traffic than hurry up to take services from social media marketing services in India.
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Q1- Do your Facebook branding services use content-based strategies?

Yes, we make use of a content-based approach to Facebook marketing to attract new leads and to promote your visibility in Google.

Q2- What types of businesses can benefit from your service?

Without any exception, all types of businesses can benefit from our Facebook marketing service in India. It works equally well for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Regardless of whether you are targeting any type of marketing, our Facebook marketing service in India will help you attract new customers.

Q3- What results can I expect from your Facebook marketing services?

The biggest benefit is the world-class Facebook content that will be posted on your behalf.  customers and prospects on Facebook will love seeing the good-quality, engaging content being posted to your Facebook page. Along with professional content marketing, our Facebook marketing services will also increase your brand's engagement on Facebook and generate more website traffic. All this will ultimately grow your sales.

Q4- How many times a week will you be posting to my Facebook if I subscribe to your Facebook marketing packages?

It totally  depends on your Facebook marketing package with us, but generally we post 5-7 times a week to your Facebook page. This includes personalized posts to help grow your brand on Facebook.