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Orktail is one of the best content writing services, we aim to spread your story and not just content. Each piece is created to spread brand awareness, consideration takes you closer to achieving your business objective with content marketing.

Basically, Copywriting is one of the most important factor in SEO. SO, whatever our specialist does The content we write must not only target the keywords and topics your audience is searching for, but it must also satisfy their intent better than other pages, as well as being formatted and friendly to search engines not only search engines but also for potential users.

SEO copywriting is a mix of all keyword research, on-page SEO, formatting, and creativity. We have mention some latest and most relevant posts you can check on our website.

Many SEO copywriting companies take into consideration the marketing initiatives and end goals of the customer prior to beginning the content writing process and strategy. So orktail one of the best SEO copywriting company in India that helps in boosting your sales with content.

The content should be written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation with consideration being given to different ways that target audiences will read and understand the presented content.

SEO copywriting services helps to decrease the gap between the products/ services and customers/ clients while they read and know about you .so, Orktail is here to fulfill the correct requirements of the business by improving the position on the web. They have the probable to put the ideas into words and are granted in conformity with the direct visitor

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Some of the key benefits which we assure you are as follows:

We provide careful, thoughtful content writing services in India Benefits include:

  •  Professional copywriting services
  •  Copywriting for increased conversion
  •  keyword optimization for SEO
  • Unlimited revisions to ensure quality
  • 100% fresh & original content
  • Cost-effective services
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Our Approach

Our Approach To Copywriting


We as best SEO copywriting service provider in India do proper research to make informative blogs and articles for your potential customers which leads to avid your readers. We always keep in mind the uniqueness that will be maintained throughout your content section and with our highly qualified professional writers who write and dig deep on the web to create content all around that people will like it on the search engines.


We try to make content more user friendly by writing lengthiest, with proper ease of words and making engaging content with proper structure and making a table of content with proper heading and subheadings to guarantee proper segregation. Each part of the content will be divided into proper sections, aligned, and get more even when reading individually and orktail will make proper essence about the entire topic.


The content piece is of the best part which can be formatted accordingly. And the image is added to content to look more appealing and than try to explain each and every point that we are talking about on the web. Orktail is one of the best SEO copywriting company in India that uses the best format and give you data-driven results to enhance your business success and growth even more traffic.

Proofreading and Editing

The last and most important step orktail will do to final the content is Proofreading and Editing and cross-check each and every section of content accordingly as with a dedicated team of editors who scrutinize each and every line to the test the process And ensuring that it is perfect, grammatically, and contextually. So what are you waiting for come and join us fast!!

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Questions You Might
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Q1-How much do you charge?

However, we prefer to quote a per-project price, so you know exactly how much the work will end up. Our costs have set line with the recommended rates outlined by the Professional Copywriters Network. We ain’t the cheapest, but we certainly ain’t the most expensive either.

Q2- How long will my copy take?

Firstly, we ask is when your deadline is. As long it’s not too last minute, we’ll have your copy ready for then. and provide you unique content accordingly.

Q3- What industries do you write for?

We specialize in writing all types of content in all types of industries. However, we don’t limit ourselves to these sectors alone. If we think we can add value to your project, then we’ll work you regardless of what industry your business is in.

Q4- What copywriting services do you provide?

As marketing copywriters, we cover most types of marketing copy. Specifically, we write website copy, product descriptions, video scripts, brochures,  press releases, blog writing, creative writing, etc.

Q5-What is copywriting?

In plain English, copywriting means writing that promotes your business. This includes brochures, websites, letters, print ads, Google AdWords, articles, scripts, etc.