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Twitter has a very fast-growing platform and the best way of sharing information with a number of people over the world with short messages. So if you have an online business and not taking advantage of the opportunities then grab social media networks with the help of a reliable twitter marketing company in India. This is a hard time for you if you are missing such a big opportunity so because it enables easy engagement and it is a great source for lead generation.

Basically, Twitter marketing is another of the most powerful tools or you can say a platform for doing good stuff business overall globe. When it comes to getting the word out, and engaging with the audience. Using a Twitter marketing agency in India, a business can potentially reach a massive number of targeted readers, and potential customers who avail services all without spending a large amount of money or time.

 Many people do not realize it but Twitter has a lot of potential as a marketing medium way to reach and engage people by twitting and re-twitting it. Since it is a social networking platform with a slight difference from other networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, it can be used to get a large viewership base. There are many aspects to be taken care of while you are pitching a product on the Twitter circle to be viewed and analyzed by people in a wide way.

Unlikely, Twitter does not work by just following one another. It is also not just a place for celebrities and politicians people with whom an individual can tweet and ask related questions.

So, Twitter can be successfully used for bringing products, services, movies, services, pictures, and several other things to the notice of the entire virtual world.

 Twitter also works like the same where has a dashboard that contains timelines and recent twitter from followers. It is one of the social media programs are focused in India that enables the user to communicate with other individuals and businesses. So, from google play store their huge numbers of users install twitter applications to reach a wide audience. What are you waiting for come and let start to grow your business with orktail? 

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Twitter Marketing Strategy
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Enhance Brand Reach

According to the data of Google play store Facebook application is downloaded more than 5 billion times so it is very obvious that social media have greater reach as compare to traditional marketing. It also provides ease to record interesting audience detail in terms of income, demographics, age group, and many more factors and maintain sales records for your business. 

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We are a leading Twitter marketing company in India and for running the campaigns effectively with a proper budget, time set, and target audience. we focus on each and every type of customer accordingly. And will prepare the monthly reports that will give you an idea of the progress of your campaign. In addition. We can also schedule meetings on a weekly, or monthly basis to discuss the progress of twitter account performance to deal on the right path and right way.

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We are a reliable social media marketing agency in India and we include daily monitoring as part of our Twitter marketing services in India. We monitor all activity on social media, including reviews, comments, and messages. Our Twitter experts monitor your pages during business hours every day and respond to posts that are to be attended within 24 hours. Regular updates, research, reporting, analysis, improvement measures, etc to be taken for proper monitoring and analysis.

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Boost Engagement

So creating engagement is central to successful Facebook marketing. … A fast and effective way to increase engagement is to run a contest with the help of a social media marketing agency in India:

  1. Post when your fans are online
  2. Post relevant content with limited but attractive content.
  3. Ask opinions.
  4. Boost your top post
  5. Create attractive and relevant videos
  6. Reply comments. 
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Get App Installed

The main objective of the campaign is to drive app installs. Furthermore, advanced options let you decide the specific action you want to optimize your ads for. Orktail as best social media marketing agency in India can easily cover the different advertising stages just by choosing one of these available bid types:

Awareness:  Best social media marketing agency in India choose to have your campaign optimized for video views or by selecting Video Views as your optimization method. Optionally you can choose link click optimization, in case you have no videos to be promoted. Orktail recommends such objectives when advertisers want to increase the App awareness and at the same time leverage, the app ad features of utilizing the App ads CTA and App exclusion targeting.

Consideration: Orktail can simply optimize your campaigns for App install if an objective is clearly just App install. This is the recommended approach as you allow Facebook to find the best people for your app based on the criteria you set, such as budget, targeting, or bid.

Conversion: When we are willing to not only acquire customers to install the app but to take specific actions inside your app, we recommend using App event optimization.

When it comes to Awareness and Consideration objectives, these seem to be simple and easy to optimize and measure. We can, however, talk in more detail about App Event Optimization (AEO) and the best optimization practices when it comes to your goals. To use App Event Optimization, the first thing is to make sure you’ve installed the Facebook SDK and Setup app events on your app. Adding SDK events helps you to view Facebook analytics, measure ad performance, and build audiences for ad targeting. 

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Audience size

As a renowned Twitter marketing company, we deal with both organic & paid growth strategies to increase the number of followers for your account. We as orktail best social media company in India never believes in fake followers neither do that so We will deal with important organic tactics such as hashtags, following, & contests to grow your followers’. Apart from that, we can also organize Twitter advertising campaigns, which include PPC advertising, to increase your brand’s awareness & consideration of your product and services

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Twitter Marketing
Why is it Important?

As a trustworthy orktail one of the best Twitter marketing company in India, we can track the metrics such as followers, retweets and favorites, and reach and impressions to monitor the performance of your campaign, etc.

  • Twitter is a great platform for projecting what your company is doing and accessing a large audience
  • You can use Twitter with other social media channels to publish company news to all platforms.
  • Direct Messages: We can privately message a Twitter user, that will go to an inbox that the user will see the next time they log in to Twitter.
  • Follow: Search of people or other businesses on Twitter and in order to see their tweets in your timeline, you must follow them.
  • Replies: A tweet that begins with another person’s handle and is in reply to one of their tweets. There is a reply button under tweets you can use.
  • Your followers will receive your messages in their timeline- a feed of all the accounts they have subscribed to on Twitter by “following” accounts.
  • Great way to hear and respond to customer feedback.
  • We highly make users engage with your tweets by making than public or private else were protected.
  • Mentions: A tweet containing another user’s twitter handle using the @ symbol before the user’s handle. This is a great way to interact with customers.
  • Retweets (RT): A re-posting or re-tweeting on someone else’s tweet. The feature allows you to quickly share information with all of your followers or fans and make well Engaged Write, Update and Share Posts

Why Consider a Twitter Marketing Company?

There are several reasons for which you must hire a Twitter marketing company in India to get rewarding business results. Everything can be achieved only if you implement the right plan of action and resources. A company with its planned Twitter management strategies would ensure countless benefits, and you get with the help best twitter marketing company in India that includes including:

  • Handle Your Accounts effectively
  • Reach out to the New Customers
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization
  • Educate and Attract New Customers
  • Keep the Readers
  • Well Engaged Write, Update and Share Posts

Best Twitter Marketing Services in India

Tweet! Tweet! Here Is A Digital Marketing Plan For Your

Digital marketing is essentially a game of experts and when it comes to marketing your business online on Twitter, we can ensure to offer you the best assistance.

We at Orktail highly experienced social media experts which not only help you establish your online presence but also maintain and safeguard it for long-term great outcomes in the future also or you can say data-driven business.

So if you are looking to market your business online on Twitter, get our world-class Twitter marketing services in India and lots of quality customers arriving solely from a single, worldwide platform- Twitter.


A Twitter marketing gain followers and ensures effective engagement of the business with the user and thus helps in building a brand image as well as audience outreach:

  • When referring to other businesses or customers that have a presence on Twitter, be sure to always use their twitter handle- when you mention another user, they will see this tweet and will be more likely to retweet it to their followers, reaching a larger audience and gaining more potential customers.
  • Respond frequently to tweets- to show that we help to engage with your customers.
  • Using call to action button that help the potential customer to reach, follow, and engage your twitter account and aware of the benefit of connecting or following you and your business hard.
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Questions You Might
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Q1. Why a professional account manager?

Although creating a Twitter page for your business is very easy and anyone can create it, the biggest challenge is growing the twitter account and generating leads through it. This is why businesses these days are turning to take services from a social media marketing agency in India. and grow your business online.

Q2. Why Twitter is different from other social media networks?

Twitter is more about interacting than broadcasting your content.

At Orktail, we give you business by promoting your brand on your social media handles. We will turn your general twitter account into an actual tool that generates leads for your business and builds up your brand. 

Q3. What we do in Twitter Marketing?

At Orktail, we help you market your business on Twitter like a Pro. We not only give you followers but "active" followers.

  • Share interesting relevant information and content.
  • Drive engagement for promotional activities
  • Interact with consumers
  • Your networking and branding
  • Reputation management. 
Q4. Why Should You Consider Us For Twitter Marketing?

Orktail creates, run, and manage a seamless Twitter Web marketing campaign. We link, run, and monitor all your Twitter profiles, or experts play a vital role in promoting and re-distributing precise content. 

Q5. What happens if you promote a tweet?

In every other respect, Promoted Tweets are just like regular Tweets and can be retweeted, replied to, liked, and more., It is important to create, curate, and interact with messages that are geared toward your followers.